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She’s a mentor, a coach, and a cheerleader all in one.

The first time I talked to Galena was my first day in a new Facebook group. I asked a question, she gave me a thorough and honest answer to that question, and I’ve been working with her every chance I got ever since.

Her coaching style is great! She tells you what you need to hear and then she helps you figure out how to fix it. She’s helped me go from a soft spoken newbie VA to a confident, rock-your-socks off VA in a very short period of time.

The best part is that she’s a real person. She freely admits to the mistakes she made while building her business so that you can avoid them yourself. You can tell that it truly makes her happy to see others succeed.

I highly recommend Galena’s services to anyone starting a VA business, stuck in a rut with their business, and even to seasoned veterans who just need someone to bounce a few ideas off of. She’s a mentor, a coach, and a cheerleader all in one. You won’t be disappointed!!!


You can visit Stephanie's website at:

Stephanie "Moody Blonde" Sandstone Owner at CRM Virtual Assistants

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