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I get asked all the time about what products and services I recommend for new VAs so I decided to save some time and just write a post about it. I am an affiliate for many of the companies I commonly recommend (hey, I might as well get a kickback if I’m going to recommend them, right?) so some of the links on this page are affiliate links. However, I only recommend products that I have used and liked and would never recommend something solely for the commission. If you enjoy the work that I do and get value out of my Facebook group or blog, think of using my affiliate link if you’re going to buy something anyway as giving me a tip for being helpful. 😛 Feel free to share this page if you know anyone that needs to buy these items as well. For things like office supplies, post-it notes, organizer caddies, office chairs, pens and highlighters etc. or anything you buy on Amazon for your home or family, you can click on the links above or search using the search bar and I will get a small commission.

Hardware and Equipment

Wired Headset


Best Headset


Ink and Paper
Sophia Global Ink – it’s about $50 for two black and two color cartridges for the kind my printer uses but there are other options as well. Plus, you are recycling. Win/win!


Microphone Blue Yeti


Software and Apps


Hosting – For hosting I highly recommend Bluehost – not only is their customer service much better than most web hosts but they offer value pricing and a free domain when you purchase one of their already reasonably-priced hosting packages. Click here to check it out or buy hosting now.


Billing – Everyone always asks the best way to bill clients and keep track of all of your expenses. I highly recommend Freshbooks. Most VAs use this software because it pays for itself – you can set it up so PayPal only charges 50 cents per payment rather than their normal 3% fee. So why choose anything else? Click the link to Invoice Like a Boss with Freshbooks.


Email Marketing – I like GetResponse because you get a free landing page with hosting to use in addition to your email marketing platform and their prices are really reasonable for something that allows automation. If you want a free solution, I recommend MailChimp but you lose the landing page and automation capabilities.


All-in-One Business and Project Management – I recommend 17 Hats. You can even use my link to get 10% off the unlimited subscription: Here’s the full schpeal: 17hats is the all-in-one business management app built specifically for freelancers and entrepreneurs. 17hats provides a single hub for client communications, proposals, contracts, online payments, project management, bookkeeping, client management, and more so that entrepreneurs can follow their passion instead of wasting time on minutiae. Designed to eliminate busywork, 17hats simplifies repetitive tasks with templates and automated workflows. At home or on the go, more than 17,000 entrepreneurs use 17hats to get paid faster, add more clients, and save tons of time. Set it up for your clients and/or use it for your own biz. I find I am so much more productive when I have this stuff organized.


Website Themes, Plugins and More: Definitely Themeforest. Envatomarket has so much cool stuff I want to buy it all. They have a website theme for every type of site for the newbies right up to the old pros. They’re where I got the theme for my Virtual Assistant Clinic and my courses websites, and many client sites to boot. It’s an easy trick to make your sites really functional and professional looking. Check it all out here:….


Webinar Platforms
Webinar Jam… is great for newbies and anyone offering webinars as a service to clients because they are hosted right on the platform so you don’t need a website (or you can integrate with WordPress, Joomla) and there are so many options to make it easy: emails, landing pages, live quizzes and offers you can sell during the webinar and more.
OR Webinar Ignition WI is one of the best value webinar platforms. Because it is a WordPress plugin you need a site to host it on but everything is on your site which is great for SEO (and if you don’t have one you can use the BlueHost link above to get that set up in a jiffy) and this makes it easy to host webinars for yourself or clients.
Note: Both of these use Google Hangouts. I don’t recommend the old-style platforms like GoToWebinar and WebEx – for one, they are super expensive (to the tune of $500 per month) and secondly, they don’t offer unlimited attendees like the options above since they use older technologies.



If you are interested in having your service featured here, please contact me.


For now I have a few services of my own to recommend:


Business Naming Not sure what to name your business? I can help!
Logos Every business needs a great (and affordable) logo to grow with.


Website Building No time or don’t have the skills to build your own site? Let me do it for you. I’ve built over 100 sites so I have the experience you need but with affordable pricing that’s perfect for newbies. I can generally finish your site in 2 weeks or less!


Website Reviews Have a website but not sure if it’s as good as is could be? Is your website not converting like it should? I will review the design and the copy and help you improve your site.


I also offer work from home job leads, 1:1 VA coaching and VA courses. Check out the website for the latest details or send me a PM on Facebook anytime.


Something else? Need something else for your business don’t see listed? Have an idea for something that should be included on this page? Contact me and let me know.

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